Rakesh Mishra

Phone: 561-620-5808

Growing up as a child of Indian diplomats, moving from country to country gave me a unique perspective in the bridging of East and West. I have been absorbed in the study of Astrology, metaphysics and Spirituality for over 35 years, since the age of 16, and my formal education includes graduate work/study in child psychology.
This Psycho-Spiritual background has been combined with the down to earth pragmatic and predictive view of Vedic astrology to create a uniquely helpful approach for my clients. My focus has been especially geared to the blending of the ancient macro-systems of the East with the modern micro-techniques of the West.

I practiced as a professional astrologer in New York City for over 20 years. While there I was able to develop a global phone clientele giving me the freedom to be able to work from anywhere. I moved to south Florida in 2000 to bask in the Sun and share the Light.